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AISD is headed by Mrs. Minal Bhasin an alumnus of Mt. Hermon School Darjeeling and Jesus and Mary Delhi with an avid experience of 8 years of extensive training in the specialized sector of Soft Skills.


Aeon Institute of Skill Development offers curated courses to make people job ready. It aims to target inhibitions and convert them into your strengths. Our courses adopt a structured approach to channelize your skills towards achieving your goals. We seek to make the youth, leaders of their future, in accordance with our motto - “Sharpening Skills …. Building Lives.”

The courses offered at AISD focus on the skills of today and tomorrow and help close the skill gap. They aim to encourage learners to upskill and reskill and enable them to grow beyond their limitations.

We aim to cater to the customized training needs of people from all walks of life, be they professionals, students, homemakers, or entrepreneurs to align to their personal and professional growth.

We also provide Personality Development and Corporate training programs for corporate as well as educational setups. These skills help you climb the corporate ladder and excel in your career.


Our Goal

The goal of AISD is to bridge the skill gap between educations, training and corporate absorption thus adding value to every individual. Skill based education promotes and develops the art of learning and development hence empowering the students to become successful in their chosen field.

Our Philosophy

AISD’s philosophy is to empower and educate students to expedite their success in corporate careers by supplementing formal education with essential training in business communication, personality and attitude and constructive engagement to name a few.

Students at AISD

Students at AISD are encouraged to learn at their own pace, to engage in discussions, chat, solve quizzes, answer polls, and speak their doubts in a fun and safe environment under the guidance of our Master Trainer, videos, tests, and assignments that enable them for interview readiness and practical application of concepts.

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