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The Importance of Internship Experience

An internship is an opportunity to gain practical experience in a chosen field of work. It can provide you with valuable on-the-job training. Internships can help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your chosen career.

Along with hard and soft skills, relevant work experience is an added advantage toward building a successful career.

Though there is a common misconception prevalent about the internship experience. For most it is a certificate on their c.v. and for others the skill set is hard skills.

What students/job seekers still don’t wish to accept is that in today’s job market, having a degree is not enough to secure a job.

Thus, internships play an important role in making candidates stand out from the competition. An internship experience helps candidates learn the intricacies of workplace environments, organisational behaviour, and professionalism.

The Benefits of Internship

1. Gaining practical experience: An internship will allow you to get some real-world experience and learn new skills. This is especially beneficial if you're considering a career change or don't have any relevant work experience.

2. Developing transferable skills: An internship will help you develop essential workplace skills which will be invaluable in any future role you undertake. These skills can be communication, problem solving, teamwork and time management etc.

3. Learning about an industry or sector: If you're undecided about your future career path, an internship can give you insights into different industries or sectors and help you make a more informed decision about what sort of job would

4. Mentorship: Working as an intern may allow you to meet a potential mentor and establish a relationship that helps guide your career path.

5. Create a professional network: Internships are a practical way to expand your job network. The professionals you will meet could be valuable connections for your future career. Thus, showing curiosity, enthusiasm and willingness can help professional contacts see your potential.

6. Build a strong resume: - This valuable job experience enables you to fill out your resume with honesty and specificity

To conclude, internships are essential for anyone wishing to advance their career. Internships provide a chance to put classroom learning into practise and gain valuable experience while making new connections with people in the industry.

Reach out to our career counsellors in learning more about how our team can help you secure an internship and assist with your job search.

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